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activities and places of interest in cyprus About Cyprus
Today Cyprus is a modern country that effortlessly marries European culture with ancient enchantment. Here you will discover a compact world of alluring beaches and fragrant mountain peaks, vineyards studded with olive trees and ancient ruins that stir the imagination, citrus groves and old stone villages where sweet wine flows as freely as conversations at the local café. A carefree place where a sense of timelessness is magnified by the kindness of the people.
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  Glorious beaches   Eons of history   Breathtaking coastlines
Cyprus is fast becoming a popular golf destination. A day out at the Vikla Golf & Country Club (near Limassol) can be a day out for all the family - as well as an 18-hole golf course they also have a swimming pool and children's golf-pool game, along with a bar to serve drinks and snacks.
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  Golf in Cyprus    
Skiing can be enjoyed from January to March on the Troodos Mountain. The Cyprus Ski Club owns four ski lifts and organises several contests, the Ski Club also provides professional instructors for beginners as well as the necessary ski equipment. In March the climate of Cyprus allows you to enjoy skiing in the morning and in the afternoon you can take part in water sports or swimming.
There are hiking trails of varying levels of difficulty throughout the country with the most extensive network found in the delightful Troodos Mountains.
The varied nature of the dive sites in Cyprus as well as the lack of tides and currents means that both beginners and more experienced divers can enjoy the experience. Cyprus boasts a healthy selection of dive shops which means that competition is stiff and prices are kept low.
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